Presentation for Gateway to Space Conference

Gateway to Space

Gateway to Space Presentation

Today was Gateway to Space! Many heartfelt thanks to those who came and made this event a great success. It was wonderful to see familiar faces and meet new friends, and now I have to go track down a bunch of people via business cards and facebook…


It got me up at 8am on a Saturday, to cruise down to an old familiar Boeing Executive Building — right across the street from that school that Vincent Price and I used to go to that isn’t there anymore. It’s strange what brings back memories….

The Prologue Room is really neat, though. It has models and displays of many, many, many, MANY aircraft which Boeing/McDonnell/Douglas manufactured and some neat pictures and history too. When you first enter the area you’re just…assaulted by this visual texture of sleek metal wings and streamlined fuselages. Preeetty cool!

The conference room itself is also impressive, and I got to hear talks from such illustrious speakers as Dr. Henry T Brownlee Jr. (the corporate archivist for Boeing in St Louis), Dean Purdy (who worked on developing ways to manufacture pharmaceuticals in space), and Sheryl Kelly (the marketing director for Boeing’s CTS100 Starliner.) I’m sad to have missed out on the later speakers, but I have high hopes I’ll get to talk to them again as it seems I’ve been elected President of the St. Louis Space Frontier! Yay! I have so much work to do….

(Also excited to see Brittney again — AWESOME SHOES and an engineer idol of mine — and to meet Anna Green who manages the St. Louis Planetarium. How have I missed meeting all these neat women in St. Louis who love space???)